DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro

This page is collection of all information regarding DJI Mavic Pro. All settings mentioned are optimized for videography/photography, and will not be very good for "general flying".

DJI Phantom 4 Pro - Flight Log

Fly settings

MC Settings
Name Setting Comment
Beginner mode off N/A
Maximum Altitude 50/150 Depending on location where flying
MC Settings -> Advanced
Name Setting Comment
Exp 1 0.40 Throttle, for slow enough movement
Exp 2 0.40 Rudder, for slow enough movement
Exp 3 0.40 Forward, Back, Left, Right, for slow enough movement
Sensivity 1 20 Attitude Minimum, for slow enough movement
Sensivity 2 70 Brake Minimum, for slow enough movement (I think this was default), at 100 the Yaw (e.g. after panning) when returning the stick to center did cause aircraft to return few degrees back in yaw.
Sensivity 3 30 Yaw Endpoint, for slow enough movement
Gain Pitch 100 Default
Gain Roll 100 Default
Gain Yaw 80 Changed from default to see if this smoothens when I stop panning movement it corrects backwards a little no matter how slow the stick is returned to middle position
Gain Vertical 100 Default
Aircraft Battery
Name Setting Comment
Low bat 20 Default 30%, trying 20% - maybe changing to 15% later?
Gimbal Settings -> Advanced Settings
Name Setting Comment
Buffer 20 For smoother operation
Exp 10 For smoother operation

Camera settings

TODO: Many Youtube videos mentioned that camera returns to AUTO after using picture modes. Check if this is still happening!!!!

Menu y
Name Setting Comment
Gimpal a 10 For slow enough movement
Gimpal b 5 For smoothing operator inputs


Case dimensions were hard to find, B&H shipping size is: 16.9" x 13.5" x 9.6" => 42,9cm x 34,3cm x 24,4cm

Styrofoam box might fit to my Fjällräven Kajka 75, and it should fit as it's dimensions are:
80cm x 37cm x 29cm
Might be close fit thou...

Another alternative would be Manfrotto D1 backbag: Digitarvike

If this ever comes available, would be REALLY interesting Vanguard Alta backpack

Video pulsing issue

Looking Youtube some users have issue with every 30 frame pulsing. My findings match Mr. Dronesy video "DJI Phantom 4 Pro - h.265 Pulsing examined". For example in the scene from 0:32 to 1:01 in this video Alinen Jokijärvi, Orivesi - 2017-01-21 the pulsing is VERY visible in Adobe Premiere, but I cannot get it visible in any other video tool or player. I have tried Win10 default player, VLC in Win10, VLC in Linux (Arch with newest possible VLC, kernel and drivers) and Youtube on both mentioned operating systems.

To be noticed that I have never tried anything else than H.265 3840x2160 30FPS, so I have not examined any videos using H.264 or other frame rates.

I have seen the pulsing on other people videos e.g. Raptorman0909, but always when I have seen it people have used crazy high shutter speeds. Any video using 1/60s seems to be OK.

Mavic Pro specific processing


DJI Mavic Pro LUTs:

cinema5D LUT for "standard"

DJI LUT for DLog

Ground Control "FREE MAVIC PRO ART(-1,-3,-3) TO REC.709 LUT"