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Photos TODO

"Photos" is PHP and database based photo album functionality. This page is used for development ideas and list of things not done.


  • DONE: Browse search results
  • DONE: Paging of search results
  • Default "home" view, using "Youtube horizontal lines" like layout
    • Few newest photos
    • Few newest videos
    • Few newest locations
    • Few random photos
  • Link to advanced search page
  • Link back to "root"


  • Search by upload ID (group of photos uploaded at same time)
  • Search by location
  • Search by lens
  • Search by aperture, shutter speed, ISO
  • Search by text
  • Search by score
    • By default show only images where score is 3 or moref

Single image view

  • DONE: Show basic EXIF data
  • DONE: Show image title
  • DONE: Show link to OpenStreetmaps
  • DONE: Show previous and next links based on search criteria
  • Add link back to browsing view
  • Add link to "home"
  • Add possibility to view embedded videos from Youtube


  • Add scoring system (now shows all photos no matter are they good ones or some technical samples used in some forum for explaining some technical stuff)
  • Add functionality for locations (coordinates are already in database, but locations with coordinates and location names etc.)
    • Each location links to parent location ID. This makes it possible to present location hierarchically, e.g. location 1=World, location 2=Finland (parent 1), location 3=Pirkanmaa (parent 2), location 4=Tampere (parent 3) and location 5=Kortejärven pohjoispuoli (parent 4)


Linux Bash script

Images are uploaded using SCP. Once imported images are imported to database, thumbnails created etc. by Bash script.

  • DONE: Bash script: import images to database, read EXIF to database
  • DONE: Bash script: create thumbnails
    • Use guetzli to create thumbnails, for better quality and smaller size
  • Bash script: error handling, complain for missing GPS coordinates or exposure values
  • Bash script: when adding images assign location relation(s) automatically based on distance to location database

Web admin

Administration is done either via admin web page or curses based command prompt Bash script - not yet decided. However functionalities needed are similar no matter, which is the chosen method. Let's assume these will be done via webpage:

  • Web admin user interface: Modify EXIF
  • Web admin user interface: Rate images (5 star system similar to Apple Aperture/Adobe Lightroom etc.)
  • Web admin user interface: Add, modify and delete Locations (Latitude, Longitude, Radius + show location and radius on OpenStreetmaps)