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Photos TODO

"Photos" is PHP and database based photo album functionality. This page is used for development ideas and list of things not done.


  • DONE: Browse search results
  • DONE: Paging of search results
  • Default "home" view, using "Youtube horizontal lines" like layout
    • Few newest photos
    • Few newest videos
    • Few newest locations
    • Few random photos
  • Link to advanced search page
  • Link back to "root"


  • Search by upload ID (group of photos uploaded at same time)
  • Search by location
  • Search by lens
  • Search by aperture, shutter speed, ISO
  • Search by text
  • Search by score
    • By default show only images where score is 3 or moref

Single image view

  • DONE: Show basic EXIF data
  • DONE: Show image title
  • DONE: Show link to OpenStreetmaps
  • DONE: Show previous and next links based on search criteria
  • Add link back to browsing view
  • Add link to "home"
  • Add possibility to view embedded videos from Youtube


  • Add scoring system (now shows all photos no matter are they good ones or some technical samples used in some forum for explaining some technical stuff)
  • Add functionality for locations (coordinates are already in database, but locations with coordinates and location names etc.)


Linux Bash script

Images are uploaded using SCP. Once imported images are imported to database, thumbnails created etc. by Bash script.

  • DONE: Bash script: import images to database, read EXIF to database
  • DONE: Bash script: create thumbnails
  • Bash script: error handling, complain for missing GPS coordinates or exposure values
  • Bash script: when adding images assign location relation(s) automatically based on distance to location database

Web admin

Administration is done either via admin web page or curses based command prompt Bash script - not yet decided. However functionalities needed are similar no matter, which is the chosen method. Let's assume these will be done via webpage:

  • Web admin user interface: Modify EXIF
  • Web admin user interface: Rate images (5 star system similar to Apple Aperture/Adobe Lightroom etc.)
  • Web admin user interface: Add, modify and delete Locations (Latitude, Longitude, Radius + show location and radius on OpenStreetmaps)