AOV & FOV visualizator -

Lens 1:
Lens 2:
Lens 3:
Lens 4:
Horizontal Angle of View
Vertical Angle of View
Diagonal Angle of View
Horizontal difference
Vertical difference
Diagonal difference
Horizontal Field of View (100cm distance)
Vertical Field of View (100cm distance)

Notice! Following assumptions have been used in the visualization:
1) In "Angle of View / horizontal" and "Angle of View / vertical" camera height is 160cm (/5 feet 3 inch) from ground level. This is normal camera height for 175cm (/5 feet 9 inch) person.
2) Distance from camera to wall is 320cm (/10 feet 6 inch).
3) Camera sensor size is 36mm x 24mm.
4) Camera is used in landscape orientation.
5) "Field of View" is not in same scale as "Angle of View / horizontal" and "Angle of View / vertical".

How to link with specific focal lengths: (does not work on some forums, e.g. Fred Miranda) (should work from forums as well, Fred Miranda tested and works))
This will show 21mm, 35mm, 90mm and 300mm. Always list focal lengths from shortest to longest.