3D printing - Filament

This page contains my notes from different filaments. As my main usage is fairly large parts, I have only ONCE printed with the 0.4mm nozzle, that print was the small Prusa logo included in provided SD card. Otherwise I have printed everything with 0.6mm nozzle. So my user experience doesn't reflect to someone printing small figurines etc.

I have printed almost everything with PLA. This is because of warping; when printing large parts filling almost whole printer bed warping is major issue even with PLA. There are some nice colors I really like in PETG, but atleast without enclosure I have not found reliable way to print large prints with PETG.

If nothing else mentioned results are based on PrusaSlicer default settings for filament type e.g. "Generic PLA" OR filament specific settings if they exist. If manufacturer recommended temperature differs from setting then I typically adjust the temperature. Also if I'm printing something, which is not going to displayed in it's final use I tend to change temperature few times during printing to see does temperature have which kind of effect to surface quality.


As I plan not to sand and paint the 3D-printed parts the color and finish quality is important for me in addition to mechanical properties. All PLA prints easily and generally there are small differences in warping and 1st layer adhesion => so only exceptional properties of filament have comment about those.

In general I have strong preference to Prusa's Prusament PLA and variants having glitter (typically word "Galaxy" in the name) as these print really nice; the variance in filament are minimal between layers - and if there are issues the glitter tends to hide the surface issues. Also price in general is OK (not the cheapest, but definitely not expensive). The drawback is that there isn't many colors.

3DJAKEecoPLA glitter Light GreenSomehow feels low quality, on all prints this far there have been clear difference between layers like the filament dimensions would be changing or something similar. Color I would call vibrant version of army green, finish is glossy and for my eye there is too much glitter (about 5x compared to Prusament "Galaxy" filaments).
Class OhlsonBlackVery glossy black, which prints well. No color tint, black as it should be.
ColorfabbPLA/PHA Transparent GreenVery dark glossy green. Prints nicely, very even layers. I would like this very much, but for my use it's little too transparent; with 4 perimiters the infill is still shown.
CrealityGreenPrints OK, may cause stringiness. Semigloss finish. Color is very close to army green, but little more saturated.
ExtrudrEmerald GreenMatte finish, prints nice with PrusaSlicer "Generic PLA". When used settings proposed by Jake3D; cooling max 30% and slower print speed results were bad; corners had quality issues and 45° overhang printed really badly => I'll use just the default "Generic PLA" settings in future.
ExtrudrBiofusion Reptile GreenNot yet tried, quite interested to try as this one is supposed also to have low warping.
FillamentumExtrafill Noble BlueWow! Really deep blue with semigloss finish. I limited the printing speed on perimiters and tops surfaces to 20mm/s @ 200°C, and the surface was very even and at 0.2mm layer height part looks smoots without having any typical 3D print look. There was little issues with stringiness (small white super thin strings, can be almost just blown away = not a problem), which I have not faced with Prusament for example. I wish there would be similar filament in green color.
FillamentumExtrafill Luminius Green
FillamentumExtrafill Crystal Clear Iceland Blue
FillamentumExtrafill Luminius Green
FillamentumExtrafill Traffic WhiteNot yet tested, raw filament very glossy and pure white.
FillamentumExtrafill Luminius YellowVery good print quality. Raw filament very glossy, but printed objects seem matte or semiglossy and color is not as saturated as raw filament.
FiberlogyFiberSilk Metallic GreenSemiglossy light green, at least with default settings. I haven't tried yet 20mm/s with this one; will it give glossy finish? Also as this is very light green, does glossiness even look nice? Print quality appears to be good based on small test print (=not final opinion).
FiberlogyFiberSilk Metallic OrangeVery nice glossy finish, but only if printed slow enough; with default Fiberlogy PLA profile value surfaces are semiglossy at best. Reduce speed to 20mm/s and raise temperature to 220°C and you should get glossy results. Each layer printed evenly on largist print = very high consistency and filament diameter.
FiberlogyFibersilk Metallic BurgundyI would say pink, not burgundy. Prints nice glossy (not semiglossy) surface when "External perimeters" is dropped to 20mm/s and Extruder temperature 220°C (defaults for Prusa i3 mk3S are 35mm/s and 210°C). In test print I could see difference between 20mm/s and 10mm/s; if part contains large differences on layer print time then 15mm/s might be needed to minimize differences.
GeetechSilk CopperSemiglossy light brown, not silk copper. Quite matte finish, may require super slow printing speed to get more glossy results.
GiantafarmGreenPrints quite nicely. Lighter and little more saturated than the other "army green" like filaments. Semigloss or even gloss finish.
GiantafarmWhiteMatte white filament. Prints quite nice but suffers from elephant foot more than average filaments.
KableDirectGreenVery good print quality. Color is army green, but it has small tint towards yellow and it's little brighter. Personal note: this is the one used in kitchen stuff.
PrusaPearl GreenDiscontinued226gBest green gamut I have found this far. Printing speed and time between layers effects how the final product looks like = slower printing produces darker and more vibrant green, faster printing speed produces more matte finish and decreased saturation.
PrusaPearl RedDiscontinued226gNice silky smooth (much smoother than Pearl Green) darkish red, maybe burgundy is correct color name.
PrusaPearl BlueDiscontinued226gNot yet used.
PrusaYellowDiscontinued226gNot yet used.
PrusaWhiteDiscontinued226gNot yet used.
PrusaPrusament Galaxy BlackNot really black, base color is dark gray, some other manufacturers would call it "anthrasite". Additionally there is small amount of glitter. Prints super nicely and surfaces appear smoother than with any other filament I have printed. Prusa i3 mk3S default profile has "External perimeter" speed 35mm/s, this setting will result matt finish on layers with long printing time (would look nice as well) and can go darker and glossier when printing simplier and smaller layers. So I would recommend 20mm/s for "External perimeter" and "Top solid infill" to have uniform shade - and the slightly darker gray looks better to me when printing with 20mm/s.
PrusaPrusament Galaxy SilverPrints nicely. Semiglossy light gray with glitter. Glitter almost not visible.
PrusaPrusament Galaxy PurplePrints nicely. Semiglossy purple with glitter.
PrusaPrusament Opal GreenDark green with very small amount of glitter (almost none). Standard profile for i3 mk3S prints 35mm/s "External perimiters", I would recommend dropping this to 25mm/s to avoid difference between long time printing layers vs. short time printing layers. Glossiness doesn't seem to change based on layer printing time, just the darkness of the green.
PrusaPrusament Gentleman GrayNot yet used
PrusaPrusament Azure BlueNice saturated light blue. Very even semigloss finish.
PrusaPrusament Mystic BrownNot as nice as the "Galaxy" Prusaments, didn't leave as good impression as other . The color change effect is super weak, just nice semiglossy dark brown. Print quality otherwise OK, but depending on layer print time glossiness changes giving uneven results.
PrusaPrusament Lipstick Red
PrusaPrusament Prusa Orange
SunluGrass GreenLittle bit darger than the other "army green" like greens, hue is little from green towards blue. Semiglossy finish. Personal note; this is the one used in computer front dust-screen holder.
EryoneSparkly SilverLight gray with glitter.


I haven't used much yet PETG. Warping is much worse than PLA, and in most large prints at least the corners tend to "lift off" with PLA. PETG requires higher temperatures so without enclosure it would be really hard to print large prints like speaker parts without warping. I really would like to use PETG as there really aren't many glossy PLA filaments.

BasicfillSignal WhiteMatte white, not 100% white, very very small warm tint.
BasicfillTransparent BlueNot yet tried
BasicfillTransparent GreenDried properly before printing, and was surprised for this cheap PETG: printed very well, not any kind of issues, there was not even warping on my first print, which was 15 hour printout. Colour is light green and surface quality was good. Finish is shiny. I used 4 perimiters, which removed the issue if seeing the infill, I can see infill via bottom and when using 2 layers..
EnotepadWhiteNot tried yet
PrusaPrusament Galaxy BlackNot yet used
PrusaPrusament Carmine Red
PrusaPrusament Jet Black
PrusaPrusament Neon GreenVery transparent, the inner fill shows through perimiters - I don't know situation when I would like the inner fill shown, so maybe using 8 or 16 perimiters needed to hide the inner fill. Need to be dried before use, high tendendy to have issues otherwise. Color is very light yellowish green.
PrusaPrusament Ultramarine BlueVery nice and vibrant color, somewhat transparent. Need to be dried before use, high tendency to have issues otherwise.
PrusaTransparentDiscontinued?This may or may not be same than then Prusament Transparent PETG. Not yet tried.
SainSmartPro-3 BluePrints very nicely, and doesn't need as badly drying as other PETG I have tried (of course beneficial to dry filament before printing). Surface can be very nicely glossy or semiglossy based on printing temperature. Color is "annoying", very vibrant baby blue - maybe if one likes baby blue... color doesn't at all match to the color on Amazon/eBay photos on advertisements (those tend to be something which generally is called Royal Blue)
SainSmartPro-3 LilaNot yet printed
SainSmartPro-3 BlackNot yet printed
SunluBlueNot tried yet
SunluWhiteNot tried yet
SunluGreenThis is "neon green" unlike the Prusament which claims to be. Glossy finish. Material is quite flexible compared to Prusament PETGs.


I haven't yet really used flexible materials.

FillamentumFlexfill 98A Luminous GreenPrints nicely. Similar neon green as Sunlu PETG. Don't use with smooth bed, it sticks too much and will tear off the surface.

Filament drying

PETG prints much better if it's first dried about 10h with food dehydrator. For flexible it's mandatory, even directly out of the package the one I tried didn't print well, but after 10 hours in dryer it printed really well.

My dryer needed little "spacer" to make space for the spool. In some models you can just the "net" from few layers, but in this model "spacer" was better option. TODO: add photos